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Prenatal or Pregnancy Massage

Massage during all stages of pregnancy.


Chair or Corporate Massage

Massage in a specially designed chair. Great for offices and massage parties.


Spa Modalities:
Hot Stones (not currently available)

Massage with relaxing hot stones.

Body Wraps (not currently available)
Detoxifying and rejuvenating  wraps.  May be a salt glow, mud wrap or ayruveda mud wrap.
Facials (not currently available) 

Cleansing and exhilarating facial.  Makes you feel like you just walked out of an expensive spa.

Paraffin Wax (not currently available)

Dip Your hands and/or feet into a tub of paraffin and feel the heat sooth the aches and pain away.  Leaves your hands and/or feet feeling rejuvenated and smooth.

Ear Candles

Cleans the ear of wax and other debris.


Couples massage, Hot packs, and Ice available
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